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ADOS PRO is a hi-tech defense manufacturing company offering broad spectrum of opto-electronical products and defense related services.

Our team of engineers have more than 10 years of experience in the research, development, prototyping and production. Latest manufacturing techniques with premier materials enable us to offer customized solutions for institutions and organizations adapted to their unique applications and needs.

Our mission is to strengthen world security with premier industry leading, innovative defense solutions for first line military, law enforcement and government responders, increasing their relative superiority against adversaries.

The company policy is oriented towards enabling mass production, that lowers the products costs to the end-user. This is achieved by In house components manufacturing, R&D, and assembly.

Technology profile

During production of opto-electronic equipment, ADOS PRO integrates following solutions:

- LWIR - Low Wave Infrared technology for thermal imaging;
- NIR - Near Infrared for night vision solutions;
- SWIR - Short Wave Infrared for see-through harsh conditions solutions;
- Fusion - digitally fused technology encompassing benefits of LWIR and SWIR into versatile system.

We offer customized solutions
We offer customized solutions


ADOS-PRO products development process starts from NATO Special Operations Forces end-user after action reviews, market analysis, etc. New products are initially formed as an ideas sketch, that R&D department takes over and produces solution and design of concept. Afterwards technical analysis is done respect to application and conditions of usage. All that considered engineered design is made with blueprints, followed by prototypes for initial functionality and feasibility testing, further adjusting parameters for mass-production process simultaneously ensuring compliance with MIL-STD throughout.

Technological solutions in product developement
Technological solutions in product developement
Customized solutions
Customized solutions

Our company offers opto-mechanical and optical services and solutions and technical expertise in thermal and night vision devices. We provide professional and high quality electro-optical devices for different users and applications: individual hunters, border control, marine applications, security institutions, predator control and emergency services, law enforcement and other defence related activities.

Serial production

Company policy is oriented towards enabling mass production, that lowers the products costs to the end-user. This is achieved by In house components manufacturing, R&D, and assembly. Quality inspection is one of the critical aspects throughout the whole production cycle.

Testing protocols

ADOS PRO implements robust testing protocols to ensure end-user expectations are met providing products that encompass: latest available technologies, top quality materials and reliability.

CONTROL OF THE PROCESS. Initial testing stage is ensured by in-house testing capacities, that enable rapid testing of the product or any component in any stage of production against Mil-STD 810H requirements: environmental chambers, immersion chamber, vibro-stand, electro-optical component testing bench.

OBJECTIVE TESTING. Objectivity is attained using Certified National metrological laboratories to run the same tests.

INDEPENDENT TESTING. ADOS PRO uses EU resident Independent laboratories to ensure that test results are unquestionable, transparent and can be tracked back should that be required.

END-USER INTEGRATION. We see field tests with participation of end-users as most valuable and demanding type of testing, as the ultimate operator of the systems will provide feedback "from the ground", and meeting expectations at this stage directly supports company strategy.

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