Assault operations

Stand-alone thermal weapon sights or clip-on function to be used with red-dot sights for various tactical situations. Programmable reticles and multi-user templates.

Night vision systems to support the assault operations.


The assault thermal weapon sight ADS625 which combines two-in-one selectable functions: stand-alone sight and clip-on depending per configuration used with integrated 850/940/1065nm laser.

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ADS-635 stand-alone weapon sight is supreme in short range and peripheral area awareness. External power and video record feature allows persistent over watch on extended missions.

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The ADS-655 thermal weapon sight has a proven range detection performance of 2500m, which makes it ideal solution for medium and heavy machine guns.

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Night vision monocular

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Night vision goggles

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ANVS25 digital night sight provides night/day visibility for the user. Integrated IR, pointer, illuminator (850 nm).

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